Our Showroom is open 9-1 Mon to Fri 
Our mobile service is available 1-5 Mon - Fri
Our phonelines are open 9-5 Mon - Fri on 01843 299400
Weekend appointments available at our showroom by request

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Are you Coming to Margate or Dreamland

for the day or even a few days

Then Hire a mobility scooter or wheelchair from us
We can meet you at your coach or car parking space
and collect from the same when you have finished
Give us a call on 01843 299400

NEW, PREOWNED, HIRE, REPAIR, (we even buy)

We don't only supply new discounted items, but we also have a large range of pre owned items, and we don't only mean scooters, pre owned rise and recline, pre owned wheelchairs, pre owned toilet frames, pre owned walkers, pre owned ramps, pre owned sholleys, pre owned powerchairs

We also stock new items, Toilet seats, rise and recline chairs, pendant alarms, grab rails, shower stools etc etc.

And we repair, scooters, rise and reclines, walkers.

There is too much to squeeze onto this website so why not give us a call ???