We shall be closed for a short break from 5pm Friday April 29th and re open at  9am Thursday 5th May for a long Bank holiday weekend break
Our Showroom is open 9-1 Mon to Fri
Our mobile service is available 1-5 Mon - Fri
Our phonelines are open 9-5 Mon -Fri on 01843 299400
Weekend appointments available by request

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NEW, PREOWNED, HIRE, REPAIR, (we even buy)

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We don't only supply new discounted items, but we also have a large range of pre owned items, and we don't only mean scooters, pre owned rise and recline, pre owned wheelchairs, pre owned toilet frames, pre owned walkers, pre owned ramps, pre owned sholleys, pre owned powerchairs

We also stock new items, Toilet seats, rise and recline chairs, pendant alarms, grab rails, shower stools etc etc.

And we repair, scooters, rise and reclines, walkers.

there is to much to squeeze onto this website So why not give us a call ???


Our new stock of Rise and Recline chairs is due in over the course of the first week of November, This consists of new and pre owned chairs with prices from Just £250
All the showroom stock is available for delivery to you within days, so no need to wait weeks for your chair.

We have an even wider range of chairs available to order all with delivery within a week

Give us a call before coming over to ensure we have our full range in stock


As we get busier and busier with work from both repeat customers and new ones, I have decided that I need more help , so with this in mnd we have a new team joning us this Summer.


Will be joining us part time as a trainee.
Craig had worked in the past in both manual, building and technical roles and has always been in customer facing roles.

To start with you will find Craig helping out with repairs, servicing and generally helping with the lifting and delivering of chairs etc.

Craig is in his 40s and will be starting with us From Early April 2016, we welcome him to our team.


Wendy has been helping out in various roles over the past two years but will be joining the team on a more regular basis as from May 2016

As well as working her way through the paperwork that goes with running a business, she will become a more familular figure in our showroom and on the phones over the next months or so.

Wendy has worked in healthcare for the past 10 years plus and will be a valuable assett to our business and we welcome her to our ever increasing business.

If you should have contact with either of our new staff over the next couple of months please be patient as it takes a while to learn how things work.
If they are ever in doubt they will take a number for me to contact you.