30 Mar Why does my mobility scooter battery gauge go up and down when in use.

A battery gauge fluctuating up and down whilst you're out can be quite concerning, especially when going up a hill and the battery gauge goes right down to the red. This is a common issue and isn't necessarily anything to worry about. 

The load being placed on the batteries in that moment affects how the battery gauge reads. What this means, is that a battery gauge that shows the battery to be fully charged can go down into the yellow or even into the red area when the scooter is placed under heavy load such as when going up a hill, riding over bumpy surfaces or carrying a heavy loads. 

The battery needle or lights drop when the scooter is using power. The more power it uses e.g. to climb uphill, the more the battery needle or lights drop towards the red zone.

The best method to gauge how much charge is left in your mobility scooter battery is to watch the battery needle or lights when you are on a level smooth surface and operating the scooter at half speed.

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