My scooter has lost power or isn't going as far as it used to.
Make sure the batteries are receiving a good full charge. Check the lights on the charger and make sure they correspond with the instructions in the manual. It could be a faulty charger or a faulty battery.

My scooter is hesitating and suddenly looses power.
Erratic throttle is usually because of a faulty throttle potentiometer, but it could also be a loose connection or worn motor brushes.

My scooter is turned on, but won't move.
Check that the charger isn't still connected. Check the overload switch. If it's none of these, if could be a faulty cable, faulty switch or a faulty potentiometer.

My Scooter is pulling to one side.
Under-inflated tyre, wheel alignment or a worn bearing could be the cause.

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