Fischer Handle Canes

A Fischer handle, also known as an orthopedic handle or ergonomic handle, is a specific type of handle commonly used on walking sticks and canes. It is designed to provide enhanced comfort, stability, and support to individuals who require assistance with walking or have mobility challenges. The Fischer handle differs from a traditional straight handle in its ergonomic design and shape.

The main purpose of a Fischer handle is to distribute the weight and pressure more evenly across the hand, reducing strain and discomfort. It typically has a curved shape that conforms to the natural contours of the hand, offering a more comfortable and secure grip. The handle often has a larger surface area, allowing for better weight distribution and reducing the risk of pressure sores or blisters on the palm.

The Fischer handle also provides improved stability and balance. Its design helps align the wrist and forearm in a more neutral position, which can alleviate stress on the joints and muscles. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with arthritis, weakness, or conditions affecting their grip strength.

Moreover, the Fischer handle often includes a wrist strap or lanyard, which can be placed around the wrist to prevent accidental dropping of the walking stick. This feature is useful for individuals who may have limited hand dexterity or struggle with maintaining a firm grip.

Overall, the Fischer handle on a walking stick offers several advantages:

  1. Enhanced comfort: The ergonomic design and larger surface area reduce strain and provide a more comfortable grip.

  2. Improved stability: The handle's shape and alignment help with balance and stability, especially for those with mobility challenges.

  3. Reduced pressure points: By distributing weight more evenly, the handle helps minimize pressure points, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury.

  4. Wrist strap/lanyard: Prevents accidental dropping of the walking stick, providing additional security and convenience.

We have Fischer Handled canes in stock for you to try, so why not visit our shop and give one a try.

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