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Alber M25 power chair user in a field

Demonstrations available in-store or at your home (Kent and Greater London Only)

Power in your hands.

e-motion M25 – the push rim activated add-on that takes the strain off 

The e-motion combines active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair drivers with limited arm and body strength can gain back their mobility with e-motion. The electric motors that are integrated in the wheel hubs effectively support the wheelchair user which has to put in much less effort to travel greater distances or slopes.

Easier to push easier in everyday life

Mastering everyday life often requires considerably more physical effort for wheelchair drivers. This effort sometimes becomes almost unsustainable with progressing age or illness. The electric e-motion add-on drive is the ideal solution to master this challenge: Every pulse on the push rim is registered by a highly sensitive sensor and translated into the perfect amount of electric power assistance. As a result propelling a manual wheelchair becomes much easier

“Despite suffering from MS, I can keep independently mobile all day long.”

Sandra K. from Wuppertal

Keep fit and preserve your joints

Sitting in a wheelchair also results in various specific problems for the body. To maintain the physical fitness as long as possible, it is important to use a manual wheelchair instead of an electric wheelchair. The e-motion keeps wheelchair users active, expands their mobility and trains their vitality.

 At the same time, the strain of muscles and joints is minimized, thereby protecting them from premature wear.

Alber M25 user in an office

Requires little space – simply take it with you everywhere you go.

The components of the lightweight and compact add-on drive can be quickly removed from the wheelchair without the need for tools. Everything is quickly and easily arranged. Even in the smallest of trunks.

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